24 Feb

The Matt Storm EP

The Matt Storm EP is Matt’s first studio release. His music is best described as Alternative Soul, with influences of Pop, Funk, Hip Hop and Rock. He produces all his own work, and plays the majority of instruments in the recordings.

Growing up, drums was the first instrument that interested him. Shortly after, he began playing guitar and singing. He wrote his first song at the age of 14, and hasn’t stopped since. As a kid his family moved around a lot, living in countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Kenya before moving to Vernon, Canada in 2005. He moved to Vancouver in 2011 to pursue his music, and to further his knowledge of producing and sound engineering. Since then he has played at many venues around town, such as The Fairview, Calabash, Cafe deux Soleil, and The Railway Club, as well as doing live sound and video.

With a focus on rhythm and groove, Matt’s songs always have a head-nod quality to them. The instrumentation consists mainly of catchy electric guitar riffs, pocket baselines and tight drums. His hip hop and funk influences shines through in the rhythm sections of his songs.
His music has always been a release, and his worldly upbringing helped shape his unique perspective on life. His lyrics are commentary on individuality, and the struggle to grow spiritually in modern day society. With lines like, “You can change them but you can’t change me, you could never understand what my third eye sees”, and “I don’t need sympathy, all I need’s a melody” you get a sense of where he is coming from. Music is his journey, and the documentary of his quest for knowledge of self and understanding.

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